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Sesame Street English’s state-of-the-art EFL Program uses English-immersion instruction in a fun, exciting context. English, math, science, and social studies are taught through interactive multi-media with methods highly supported by professional EFL teachers world-wide.

Introduction to English

In the K1 Class, each lesson is based on a familiar topic, such as food or animals. Elmo engages the students and helps them absorb English naturally through songs and videos.

Introduction to the Alphabet and Phonics

After being introduced to English in a fun way, students learn the alphabet and basic phonics in the K2 Class. In these lessons, Elmo and Cookie Monster introduce words that begin with the letters of the alphabet through song and dance.

The Alphabet: Speaking, Reading, and Writing

In this level, students master the 26 letters of the alphabet. Through speaking practice, students understand the sounds and character names of the letters. To enhance reading skills, the students learn with picture books. To develop writing skills, students practice writing both upper and lower case forms of the letters.

Learning the Basics of Reading and Writing

In the P1 Class, students master basic reading and writing skills by learning phonics and sight words in parallel. Big Bird and Abby make spelling and English language patterns fun with a variety of learning activities.

Reading and Writing Development

As a continuation of the P1 Class, students increase their vocabulary base and learn more complex language patterns to advance their reading and writing skills in the P2 Class. Students learn more advanced spelling patterns, focusing on vowels and irregular spelling. In addition, a variety of verb tenses are taught, including the possessive form, using entertaining and engaging activities.

Everyday English

In addition to strengthening the language skills learned in the P1 and P2 Classes, students will begin using English comfortably in full sentences in the P3 Class. In this class, students learn how to use English to discuss math, science, and social studies. Students learn the mathematical skills of counting, addition, subtraction, and grouping. By learning about insects, pollination, nature, and animal life, students will expand their scientific knowledge. Social Studies will help the students learn how to talk about family and community.

Using English around the World

In the P4 Class, students strengthen their language skills and their knowledge of math, science, and social studies. In social studies, Grover travels the countries of the world helping the students learn the customs and cultures of children around the world. In math, students learn shapes. In science, students learn the classifications and characteristics of mammals, birds, amphibians, and reptiles.

Critical Thinking

Presented with complex questions about familiar topics, students develop their pronunciation, vocabulary, speaking, and critical thinking skills. Students strengthen their discussion skills and learn a variety of conversational expressions to help them discuss a variety of topics, including nature and the environment. Questions such as “Why are polar bears white?” and “How many bones does the human body have?” encourage students to draw from their knowledge base and present the answers correctly in English.

Talking about the Future

In the P6 Class, students further develop their reading and speaking skills by discussing the future. They practice group discussion and teamwork by learning how to talk about their future goals and hopes with their classmates and friends.