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The goal of Nagase's global operation is to achieve its corporate mission globally. Currently, focusing on Asian countries with concentrated efforts in China, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, India, Vietnam, Thailand, and Japan, Nagase will start to expand its network to other areas such as Latin America, Middle East, Eastern Europe and Africa. With the global education network through strong cooperation with well-established companies and institutions, Nagase is determined to enhance educational wellbeing of children all over the world.

Currently, Nagase provides Sesame Street English Education Services in Taiwan, China, Vietnam, and Japan in cooperation with the official parnters listed below.

Japan Nagase Brothers Inc.,Ltd http://www.toshin.com/kodomo/index.php
Taiwan Sesame Village Education Co.,Ltd http://www.sesamevillage.tw/
China CollegePre http://sesamestreetenglishchina.com/
China Umay International http://www.umayeducation.com/

For more information on a licensing opportunity with the Sesame Street English Education Network, please click here. A representative will contact you soon with more details.